Creating a Brand from A to Z – II

4 important steps to create a brand. 1. When creating your brand, define it by thinking like a person. We mentioned in our previous article that branding is about what your target audience thinks of you. What do you want people to think of you? Trustworthy, corporate, sincere or romantic… Look at your brand from [...]

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Creating a Brand from A to Z – I

What is Branding? Why Is It Important? Brand; It is a concrete and abstract concept that serves to introduce the goods and services of the manufacturer or the seller, to distinguish and differentiate it from its competitors. If we try to explain it by comparing it with marketing, which is often confused in the application [...]

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5 Details That Make Your Website Reliable

Digital visibility is one of the primary conditions for businesses to survive. It is not enough to provide quality service alone or to be in any digital channel alone. It is also necessary to have a "reliable" brand image as a whole, nowadays, where you have many competitors and these competitors can carry out advertising [...]

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Five Common Mistakes in Social Media Management

With the widespread use of social media, some brands tend to manage their business accounts in a similar way to their accounts, or they can entrust business accounts to non-professionals. In this case, without strategic planning, some behavior patterns are assumed to be correct without knowing the reason. However, this behavior and management style brings [...]

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Digital Marketing Reduces Cost, Increases Revenue

Digital Marketing Reduces Cost, Increases Revenue Research by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) revealed that digital marketing reduced the company's costs by 30 percent and increased earnings by 20 percent. The research on "Achieving Strong Growth with the Transformation in Data-Based Marketing" brought to the attention of companies the power of digital marketing in reaching [...]

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Social Media is the New Business Card of the Changing World

Social Media is the New Business Card of the Changing World What is the Importance of Social Media in Brand Management? Communicative theorist Marshall McLuhan, who closed his eyes to the world in 1980, predicted that with foresight beyond his time, the limitations on communication would lift with the developing technologies and thus the world [...]

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