What is Branding? Why Is It Important?

Brand; It is a concrete and abstract concept that serves to introduce the goods and services of the manufacturer or the seller, to distinguish and differentiate it from its competitors.

If we try to explain it by comparing it with marketing, which is often confused in the application part, though not conceptually; While marketing is about the service you provide or the product you sell, the brand is about how you make your target audience feel.

But is marketing without branding sufficient for profitability?

Unfortunately, no. Because, regardless of the product quality or price, the consumer always prefers branded products more than non-branded ones. Therefore, if you want to make a profit, more importantly, if you want to make it permanent, the first condition for this is branding.

Branding increases your awareness and helps you establish a bond with your target audience. This bond gives confidence to your target audience and differentiates you from your competitors. If the service provided by your brand is needed, you will come to mind first. Marketing, on the other hand, increases your earnings in the short term by helping your product / service be heard. The awareness you increase in the short term with marketing becomes permanent with branding. It is not possible for the other to be efficient without one. For example, you want to buy a pen. What is the first brand that comes to mind? Whether you are aware of it or not, when you enter a store, you turn to it among dozens or maybe hundreds of branded items. You are not concerned with other brands being much more expensive, much more affordable or much better quality, and you turn to the brand you know for years and believe to be reliable.

Regardless of the product, this is the case and the behavior that drives the consumer to buy the product is the trust in the brand after the need. Good marketing campaigns can even be built around creating new needs.