Digital Marketing Reduces Cost, Increases Revenue

Research by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) revealed that digital marketing reduced the company’s costs by 30 percent and increased earnings by 20 percent.

The research on “Achieving Strong Growth with the Transformation in Data-Based Marketing” brought to the attention of companies the power of digital marketing in reaching the target audience and the savings it has achieved while doing so.

As we mentioned in our previous article, digital marketing can reach more people at a low cost, unlike traditional communication studies. So how?

The thing is Reaching the right people rather than more people. Digital marketing mentioned here is not the haphazardly use of social media addresses, but strategies prepared by professionals. Communication experts identify the target audiences of institutions and create campaigns in line with their communication habits. In light of the data obtained, this profile needs to provide, and sometimes it needs to be revised.

According to research results on communication, an increase in brand awareness and sales of the product and service observed in  4 to 6 weeks. The work here is the campaign differs depending on the attention, brand image, or the purpose of the sale. Unlike traditional, digital marketing also enables results to be obtained and observed in a shorter time.

33 Percent Increase in Revenues

Research by BCG proves the information as mentioned above with data. The study in question shows that companies that do digital marketing using data take action after 4 to 6 weeks. With the 50 percent increase in contact with the right target group, company revenues increase by 33 percent. Because the most simply showing an apple to anyone who wants to buy an apple; Showing a car to those who want to buy a car is possible with digital marketing. Knowing the target audience, Moreover, it reduces costs by 44 percent as it helps to determine how many of 100 thousand people are interested in buying a vehicle.