With the widespread use of social media, some brands tend to manage their business accounts in a similar way to their accounts, or they can entrust business accounts to non-professionals. In this case, without strategic planning, some behavior patterns are assumed to be correct without knowing the reason. However, this behavior and management style brings more harm to the brand than benefit.

In this article, we have compiled five common mistakes in social media management and with the reasons how it should be.

  1. Promotion vs. Facebook Ads Manager

As most of us know, posts can be highlighted and sponsored on Instagram. It’s quite simple. However, instead of taking advantage of the opportunity of reaching a specific target audience of digital advertising with the “Promote” button on Instagram business accounts, the post is promoted without choosing the audience. In other words, the budget allocated to advertising can be wasted by impressing the wrong people. Using an ad manager on Facebook provides the correct use of the budget and increases your access to people interested in your product or service. Accordingly, the demand for your service or product increases.

  1. Standart Comment vs. Special Comment to Follower and Situation

I’m sure many of us have witnessed businesses that give the same response to each comment or message, such as “Thank you for your valuable comment” whenever we want to contact a brand’s social media account with any questions, problems or requests for information. Quick response is definitely very important for social media, which is impatient by nature, but if there is one thing that is more important than the duration of this response, it is to make your followers feel special.

As your number of followers increases, it becomes difficult to realize this, but the professionals of the business will manage it and respond to the problems, suggestions, or requests of the followers specifically.

  1. Standard Hashtag vs. Customized Hashtag

We know you believe that using Hashtags in interactions will increase your visibility, but you should remember that these Hashtags are used by people who want to see posts on any topic. By using standard hashtags, you will not have benefit from the personalization feature of social media pertaining to the subject, user or brand, you will only prevent people from accessing the information they want to obtain. To put it simply, using Hashtags that are active about whatever your product/service is, will allow you to reach people who want to reach your service or the product you offer.

  1. Number of Followers vs. Engaged with the audience


It is a known fact that users are more cautious against accounts with fewer followers However, having 10 likes in an account followed by 10 thousand people can likewise cause insecurity. The important point here is to build your own audience, albeit slowly. In this way, your visibility will increase in parallel with the number of people you interact with.

  1. Highlighting the Product vs. Highlighting the Benefit

Assuming that there is an alternative to almost everything from needle to luxury cars, using only an image that highlights your product will not be enough to stand out from your competitors.

It is essential to have a design that makes you special; You need to emphasize the benefit of your product and the status of owning your product rather than the product.

For example, while the features of any dress may be limited, a dress purchased from Channel makes you belong to a different group and this is the first reason why the brand is preferred.