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Hashtags In Communication Strategy

What is a hashtag? Hashtags are tags used in social media and more. These are words preceded by a # sign. With the development of social media, hashtags have gained even more importance. Using them is a very important element in the brand communication strategy. It is worth knowing how to use them correctly to fully use their potential.

What Is A Hashtag For?

Hashtags are mainly used to increase the reach of content and reach the largest number of target audiences. Content marked with # data is subordinated to a given tag, which makes it easier for target audiences to find them later just by topics marked with a specific tag. Skilfully used can bring many benefits.

When it comes to brands, hashtags are used to measure the effects of a campaign and to build brand awareness.

However, it is worth remembering that hashtags are an addition and should not be treated as a priority, because even the most popular hashtag won't help if the content is of poor quality.

How To Use Hashtags

Hashtags may not seem like a difficult thing to use. However, you need to remember a few important rules, because improper use can damage brand identity.

1. Avoid Banned Hashtags

Using a banned hashtag also automatically bans the post, so it is not displayed. It's simple to check that the hashtag is valid and usable. Just go to the # tab. If there are no posts or the message "Content has been hidden", it is better not to use this tag.

2. Create A Company #

A company-specific hashtag would be a very good distinguishing feature for the brand. Under this tag, users will only see the brand's posts.

3. Use Location Tags

Location hashtags are a great way to reach your audience. If your company is located in London, use #london in the posts. The post will appear under this hashtag and residents of London will be able to see the post.

4. Don't Overdo The Quantity

On Instagram, the maximum number of hashtags allowed is 30. However, it is not worth using it in full. The quality of the tags is the most important, not the quantity. Typing 30 hashtags forcibly may have the opposite effect to reaching more people.

5. Use Hashtags Consistent With The Topic Of The Publication

Tag photos or content as it is. For example, when you insert a picture from the mountains, don't include #sea.