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Which Positions Can You Outsource from MBL Hightech?

MBL Hightech provides the following outsource services to global Startups in universally accepted languages (English etc.).


Front-End Developer

MBL has more than 5 years of experience as a frontend developer, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5 and CSS, Modern JavaScript (ES6 syntax, promises, async-await), Angular 2+, React, Hands-on experience with front-end modules (Webpack), proven experience with React Native platform, REST API experience, product-oriented programming skills (OOP), hands-on experience with Nodejs, databases (Postgres, MySQL) and web servers (Apache & Nginx).


Full Stack Developer

MBL has knowledge of multiple front-end languages and libraries (HTML/CSS, JavaScript), proven experience with the React Native platform, Experience and Proficiency in React/Redux, Mastery of Databases (Postgres, MySQL) and web servers (Apache & Nginx), good at PHP language, also has WordPress experience and NodeJs hands-on experience on both dynamic and static sites.


Back-End Developer

MBL has more than 5 years of experience as a backend developer, Node.js experience, TypeScript experience, can write code in automation and control processes, ability to think and build (build) Digital Commerce systems, and hands-on experience with Nestjs - Nodejs structures.



MBL has over 5 years of experience in DevOps, Node.js experience, TypeScript experience, can write code in automation and control processes, think and build (build) Digital Commerce systems, and Amazon Cloud Server experience.


UI UX Designer

MBL has the ability to create UI UX Design, Web UI UX Design, UI prototyping, Mobile Application Design, Draft and Prototype creation, Graphic Design, Interaction Design.


MBL Hightech produces customized software solutions according to the market needs. (CRM, E-Commerce, Fintech etc.)

Customers’ Stories

Customized Software Development

Outsource Support to Startups

Product development is one of the most important and difficult things for a startup to move forward. There are a lot of things you need to think about, such as product-market fit and getting an addictive solution between your target audience. Processes like UI/UX design, prototyping, user testing will take a lot of time and resources to build your final product. At this stage, many startups cannot bring their projects to the market due to lack of financing or technical knowledge. If you want to be successful in product development and avoid these common pitfalls, there are three key things to consider first:

Calculating the Product Development Cost

You should always have a solid idea about your product development cost before begin the project. You have to balance the cost with your current capital and estimated revenues, otherwise you will end up with a half-finished and incomplete product if you don't have enough budget to complete.

Basic Technical Knowledge

You need to know about the basic technical knowledge of your team and understand how it fits with your product development needs. Even if you start with a modest startup budget and limited workforce, you should still be able to evaluate the talents of your team and where they are lacking. Employees of Startups can often do several things at the same time properly, but product development is all about team effort.

Product Complexity

Finally, it is very important to determine with your current team and whether the planned part of the product is actually possible in practice. It can cover the cost and your team may have the right skills, but your product may be too big to be completed on your target timeline.

The Benefits of MBL Hightech Outsourcing

All of the above-listed challenges can be a result of working with a limited budget and workforce. That's why even huge startups like Uber and WhatsApp often use outsourcing services to make their product development cheaper, more effective and faster time to market. You have the chance to bring a full-featured product to market by using MBL Hightech outsourcing even with a small team force and a standard start-up budget. Here are just a few of the benefits you will gain by using MBL Hightech outsource service during the product development phase:

1. Reducing Risk With Regular Checks and Feedbacks

If you prefer to solve a part or all of your work by outsourcing MBL Hightech, you can follow the progress of the product, its continuous testing, the distribution of tasks after evaluation and ensuring that the possibility of error is minimized.

2.Having In-Depth Technical Knowledge and Experience

If your product requires technical competence that you don't have, hiring and training a new developer can be more costly than you think. You can get rid of this cost by outsourcing the relevant work to an MBL Hightech employee who has the exact skills you need. MBL Hightech outsource service enables you to obtain a much higher quality product much faster than you will ever have.

3. Saving Cost and Manpower

Outsource usage costs may vary depending on your demand. These may vary depending on which country you are requesting to outsource, the number of workforce, the quality of the workforce and the details of the project. With the flexibility of choice offered by MBL Hightech, your product development costs will be majorly reduced and you can easily choose the right team at the right price. Let's take WhatsApp as an example, they worked with a leading development company in Russia to create the first version of the popular app WhatsApp, and as a result of this work, they paid a lot less than they would have spent on a US-based team.