Social Media is the New Business Card of the Changing World

What is the Importance of Social Media in Brand Management?

Communicative theorist Marshall McLuhan, who closed his eyes to the world in 1980, predicted that with foresight beyond his time, the limitations on communication would lift with the developing technologies and thus the world would turn into a “Global Village”.

Therefore, at the point we have reached today, it is possible to communicate with the people in any part of the world in any verbal or visual way (these ways will develop and transform with technology ).

So,  What do These groundbreaking technologies mean to brands?

At first, the purpose of public relations and advertising was to make the brand visible, but this goal changed like everything else. Internet, in simple terms, used to mean becoming visible to everyone, but with the changing consumer preferences over time, it was understood that it was not such a simple thing.

As we said before, ‘Social Media is the New Business Card of the Changing World’. Just as business cards, these are not given to everyone by the brand, social media addresses are not required to be seen by everyone to be considered successful. Precisely this is what separates digital from traditional. Contrary to popular belief, achieving success with digital is achieved by analysing the target audience and determining the brand image that will reach the target audience.

How can you stand out from thousands of brands operating in almost every sector today?

By giving  your brand an identity

This identity should have common points with your target audience. Just being professional, affordable or accessible will not be enough for you to be preferable because everything and everyone has an alternative anymore. Your brand/company should have characteristics just like a human being, and most importantly, it should have a soul.

This identity should be determined with the right strategies and delivered to the target audience by professionals.

The importance of social media comes into play right here. Traditional media does not allow specific access to the target audience; By spending large amounts of money in traditional media, an estimated 10-15 percent of the desired group could reach. Now, the audience you want to get is “one-click” away. Thanks to the multiple media offered by social media, it provides an endless communication opportunity between the spirit you have and the audience you want to connect with this spirit. Moreover,  you can establish a kind of “eye to eye communication” with the person you want to reach, unlike traditional media.