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Vendor Solutions

MBL Hightech is an institution that is aware of the need for compatible partnerships with software/service vendors of startups. Thanks to its flexible range of solutions and services, MBL Hightech works in harmony with vendors/possible partners and finds solutions for the benefit of all parties. As a solution provider MBL Hitech can complete some of the project needs of startups or from concept creation to installation (turnkey) by its outsourced service. The solution process includes examining the customer's existing infrastructure, assessing their needs, and determining the hardware, software and workforce required to achieve the project objectives.

Also, hardware or software can be included to the process if turnkey solutions requested by startups. MBL Hightech can offer you a turnkey solution or a service that meets your search of a different solution. A package that allows for a minimum or maximum level of consultancy may be preferred in line with preference. MBL Hightech Vendor Solutions is a necessity for the startups to take its place in the future.

Vendor management and development is a multi-stage process of initiating and advancing relationships with the goods and service providers that the Startup needs to fulfill its mission.

-Vendor Selection: Vendor selection process Consists of a qualifying and segmenting based on the use of an up-to-date risk profile, location, category and manpower.

-Risk assessment: Risk assessment includes risk due diligence based on the nature of the business.

-Negotiations: Negotiations include setting conditions, risk and key performance of indicators.

-Recruitments: Recruitments involve recruitment processes with an understanding of risk assessment and audit status.

-Performance management and monitoring/mitigation of risk: Includes using a matrix-based view and a data-driven model.

If you want to increase the quality of the product development process, choose us as the vendor developer. Let's create a success path for your business together.

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